Oracle Feature

⚡️ORACLE: This is a totally unique feature among many other gamefi projects. There have been many projects that have achieved huge success with an exponential increase in ATH such as Godz, Eternal, etc. ⭐️So let's take a look at how it works and how we will apply it to Islandpunk: ✍️With oracle, every transaction such as buying, selling, staking, rewards, ... will all be converted into usdt for calculations. This action will prevent our token from a big drop in value due to the fluctuation of token price in the marketplace. For instance: The cost of an egg is $30 per egg constantly but it will be converted into tokens for purchase, let's say that at the time of buying, token price is $0.025/token, you will have to pay 1200 tokens to buy but if the price drops to $0.02/token, our oracle feature will automatically calculate and adjust the required tokens to 1500 tokens to ensure the buying price ($30), the same applies to rewards in PVE, PVP and our stake to earn mechanism.
🌟This feature will make sure that token price isn't a crucial factor in the game. Thus, players' capital recovery time and profits will be calculated more precisely thanks to the real-time token price. Token price will be updated on a dedicated server continually every minute.
🌈Overall, oracle is a perfect feature for true gamers and Islandpunk will be one of a few projects which boasts this feature. Amazing, isn't it?!