About NFT shoes Shoes can be minted for a fixed price of $99 A total of 15 NFT shoes categorized into the rarity value of each monster as the following: Rare 1: Shoes are inspired by chicken, cat, pig
Rare 2: Shoes are inspired by cow, dog
Rare 3: Shoes are inspired by tiger, lion, leopard
Rare 4: Shoes are inspired by shark, eagle
Rare 5: Shoes are inspired by Triceratops, Diplodocus, T-rex, Mosasaurus, Pteranodon
+4 types of shoes, each type requires a distinct movement speed: Walker, Jogger, Runner, Trainer - Shoes case odds and movement speeds:
+ Each shoe has a full mana bar, which is equivalent to 25 minutes of moving. If you travel for 25 minutes, you can get 100% of rewards each day, mana bar will recover to 100% in the next day.
+Tables for calculating rewards and capital recovery time according to each type of shoes: