NFTs Play to Earn game with awesome features: oracle, zerogas, etc.
🎉🎉Welcome gamers to Islandpunk - a NFTs Play to Earn game launched on BSC platform with exciting and outstanding features: Oracle, PVP, Zerogas, Stake to Earn and many more interesting events. 👋Coming to Islandpunk, you will embark on a whole new journey in the fairy world of animals and get into battles for resources with highly detailed and unique graphics, which will surely keep players motivated and add up to the hype of our game project.
🔥With the implementation of Oracle feature, all rewards, egg and ship prices,... will be exchanged into usdt, which will help players to recoup their capital properly and will eliminate inflation - a problem most P2E games are facing.
🔥Zerogas feature will put a stop to gas fee problem and help with more specific calculations of investment, more intriguing features await.
Last modified 9mo ago